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About the English Language

English is a West Germanic language originating from England. It is the second largest language when it comes to native speakers, and an official language of over 70 countries. English has around 375 million native speakers, and another 375 people speaking it as a second language – it is today’s lingua franca. Some research indicate that there are around 1.5 billion people that speak English, either as a first, second or a foreign language – which is every fourth man on the planet.

English language is the mother tongue in Great Britain, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. In many states, such as Singapore, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Malaysia, English is used since there are no other common languages that the people use. The majority of English words originate form French, German and Latin, and the lexical similarity with German is 60%.

Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is utterly dedicated to English language teaching for many reasons: English is the dominant language of world literature and film industry, and it is widely spread in science, technology, diplomacy, sports, music, competitions, etc. International business is realized in English. Around 36% of Internet users communicate in English, and 85% of electronic information in the world is in English as well.

Speaking English is a necessity no matter where you travel – if you do not speak the native language of the country, English will be quite handy in communication.

CEF Levels of English

In Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School, the general course of Enlgish is divided into six levels (A1-C2), based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR or CEF). English language courses are intended for those who wish to get promoted at their jobs or to find a better work place, to improve their knowledge or simply indulge their hobbies, to take the international exams, to improve their communication skills if they have family abroad, etc.

A1 – the most basic, beginner CEF level suggests the students can introduce themselves and others, ask and answer some simple questions, use everyday expressions and construct meaningful sentences in simple conversation.

A2 – basic elementary level - implies the students can talk independently about themselves (their interests, family, work, shopping, etc.). In everyday situations, they are able to talk about popular topics and activities.

B1 – intermediate level – the student can freely talk about school, work, leisure activities, their environment, etc. The student can explain his or her attitudes, plans, experiences, events, etc. in various situations.

B2 – upper-intermediate – the student can comprehend more complex texts, talk about abstract subjects, or tackle on some professional discussion. The student can speak fluently, with no greater difficulties, as well as to write detailed papers on various topics.

C1 – advanced or effective operational proficiency level – at this level, the student can comprehend longer and more demanding texts, and discuss them. The language can be used freely in more complex situations with no hindrance, and the student is fluent and spontaneous. They can write detailed, well-structured papers on complex subjects, and using complex language structures.

C2 – mastery of proficiency – the students can understand virtually anything heard or read with no problems. They can provide explanations, and use the language spontaneously but with precision and familiarity with subtle differences in meaning, when it comes to complex situations. They can summarize spoken and written information obtained, with no difficulties whatsoever.

Price List for English language courses

Price List

A complete price-list for English language courses is available on our website. The prices depend on location.

English language course for Beginners

Beginners Course

Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is famous for its numerous innovations in the continuing education programs, which enable us to meet any student’s demand. What is certainly our trade mark and in-demand is English language courses for beginners - if you wish to acquire a language properly you need to start from the very beginning.

See more about the English language course for Beginners >>>

General English language course

General Course

General course of English language in Akademija Oxford is realized in groups of 3 to 12 students, 2 classes twice a week, and it expands for 4 months (levels A1 to B2) and five months (C1 and C2). The main goal of the general course is to use the most contemporary methods, and dynamic and interactive classes to train the students to use the language in formal and informal situations.

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Intensive English language course

Intensive Course

Intensive course of English in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is intended for the students with not enough free time and a need to acquire the English language in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, this is a course for those who want to revise what they have previously learned in a short time. The course dynamics and methodology is based on the student’s needs.

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Conversational English language course

Conversational Course

Conversational English language course in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is intended for the students who wish to improve their communication skills in everyday formal and informal situations, as well as in work environment. Conversational course can be group or individual, and the topics are chosen by the students alone, or as agreed with the teacher. Through debates and discussions, conversational course provides you with an opportunity to feel freer to speak, regardless of the mistakes you might make, and to use the language in the best possible way.

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Specialized (Professional) English language course

Specialized Course

Specialized course of English language in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is intended for the students who wish to acquire the knowledge and expand their vocabulary in a certain field. We can offer you English for telecommunication, law, tourism, IT, medicine, journalism, auto industry, course for personal assistants, military course, etc.

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English Language Preparation Courses for Cambridge ESOL Examination

Cambridge Preparation Course

Preparation courses for Cambridge ESOL exams, in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School, is intended for the students who wish to attend graduate or post-graduate studies abroad, or to apply for a job in some of the leading world corporations, as well as for those who simply want to possess the diploma that represents their language skills, such as FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS or TOEFL. The Cambridge diplomas are recognized in over 150 countries worldwide.

See more about the Cambridge ESOL Examination Preparation >>>

Business English language course

Business Course

Business course of English in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is intended for the students who need to acquire the terminology related to business, business correspondence, meetings and conferences and various documents. Business course of English encompasses various fields, such as marketing, financing, administration, trade, diplomacy, etc.

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Half-Individual English language course

Half Individual Course

Individual or half-individual course of English in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is intended for students, regardless of their age, who cannot attend regular group classes or who simply find it easier to learn individually or with another person only. The benefits of an individual course include that the student can decide on the course duration, based on his background knowledge and needs, as well as the fact that throughout the entire lesson, the teacher will be focused on the student only.

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Online English language course

Online Course

Online course of English language in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is intended for the students with a desire to learn or improve their knowledge, but with no free time to attend regular classes, or the timetable is unsuitable for them. You can take the online course of English on Akademija Oxford Online platform, and use the benefits of an online individual course, where you decide on the course dynamics, and schedule your own classes.

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English language course for Children

Children Course

Course of English for children in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School is intended for children of pre-school and school age and it can be group or individual. The classes are realized in smaller groups of 3-8 students, and it expands for 9 months (throughout the entire school year). Apart from group, the classes can be individual, as previously mentioned. We offer you the most prominent textbooks, a contemporary curriculum, as well as audio and video materials which enable dynamic and interesting English lessons. Course of children is based on conversational skills practiced through fun and various games. Active language learning allows the children to acquire the curriculum naturally, with no pressure, though songs, drawing, coloring, and other interesting activities.

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Individual English language course

Individual Course

Individual courses in Akademija Oxford are unique in this region, specifically designed as training and preparation for every professional, in their area of expertise. This course is professional since it can include each field individually, and provide specialized individual classes to each student.

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Business English Course for the field of Ecology and Environmental Protection

Business Ecology Course

Business English in the field of ecology and environmental protection is intended for the students whose area of expertise is within ecology and environmental protection, and who have encountered a language barrier which prevents them from continuing forward with their professional development and improvement.

See more about the Business English Course in the Field of Ecology and Environmnetal Protection >>>

Business English Course for the field of Information Technology

Business Course For Field Of Information Technology

Business English in the field of information technology is a demanding but necessary course for each professional IT operator, who is still improving his skills and knowledge in order to reach their final goal – vast knowledge in their area of expertise.

See more about the Business English Course in the field of Information Technology >>>

Business English Course for Marketing

Business Course For Marketing

Business English course in marketing is a specially prepared course, with curriculum completely adapted to the students who are currently working or improving their skills in this field.

See more about the Business English Course for Marketing >>>

Business English Course for Telecommunication

Business Course For Telecommunication

Business English for telecommunication is intended for specially trained employees working in the area of this innovative technology, which certainly demands proficiency in English, and especially business English.

See more about the Business English Course for Telecommunication >>>

Business English Course for Tourism

Business Course For Tourism

Business English for tourism is a special form of education for the students who need to improve their conversation skills and acquire the new vocabulary, for their area of expertise, which, in this case, is tourism.

See more about the Business English Course for Tourism >>>

Business English Course for Economics and Banking

Business Economics And Banking

Business English course for economics and banking is a necessity of today’s business world, included in the sphere of many specific fields. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to improve the segment of your professional field that you need at the given moment, for your high-quality and secure progress in career.

See more about the Business English Course for Economics and Banking >>>

Business English Course for Engineers

Business Course For Engineers

Business English course for engineers is designed as a special course, an additional training for every engineering profile. Therefore, this course curriculum can improve your knowledge in various fields of engineering: mechanical, electric, civil – all included in the business English course.

See more about the Business English Course for Engineers >>>

English language course for Medical Professionals

Course For Medical Professionals

English for medical professionals is a special type of education, intended for all the students, with high school, technical or academic degree in medicine, and who require a certain level of proficiency in English, since it is a field of great demand abroad.

See more about the English language course for Medical Professionals >>>

Business Course of Legal English

Business Course Of Legal English

Business Course of Legal English is a special course designed for each individual student, or for smaller groups of identical interests and needs, so as to keep the class tempo towards removing the language barrier.

See more about the Business Course of Legal English >>>

In addition to all the standard varieties of the English language courses available in Akademija Oxford Foreign Languages School, we offer you a chance to create a course that suits you perfectly, according to your own needs, affinities, free time, goals, etc. Coordinators and teachers of Akademija Oxford are at your disposal to help you design a course of your own, that will completely satisfy your needs

Court Interpreter

Apart from the English language courses, Akademija Oxford offers you the services of court interpreting and translating from Serbian into English, and from English into Serbian. You can come to us with any documents – personal, business or legal – and our court interpreters and translators will provide you with a desired translation as soon as possible, either in hardcopy or via electronic mail.

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Student Experiences
Leyton – Mary:

I learned Greek and now I successfully work in Greece during the summer. Thank you so much!

Manchester – Trevor:

I attended the course of Slovak in your school. I can say I’m extremely content with the knowledge I gained!

Romford – Christina:

My brother and I started online course of Dutch at your school. We are pleased to have found such a modern and affordable school!

Sheffield – Melinda:

I have just finished the course of Japanese. It has been a lovely experience, thanks so much, guys!

Stratford – Nick:

I am learning Italian in your school, and I am more than satisfied.

London – Loren:

I have finished the course of Serbian in your school, and I can say I now speak fluently. Thank you, Akademija Oxford!!!

Birmingham – Harry:

Akademija Oxford is the best!!! I learned Turkish with you! JUST KEEP GOING, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Reading – Melissa:

I just needed to say you are the best! I finished the course of Chinese, and now I recommend you to anyone!

London – Ron and Susie:

We enrolled our child into the course of French when she was five. She acquired the basics that she needed for school, and we are so pleased. We will continue our collaboration when we need you again for sure! Greetings!

Leyton – Rupert:

I started the course of Latin in your school, which helped me so much since I am a student of Faculty of Pharmacy. Thank you, Akademija Oxford, for helping me enroll into my third year!!!

Manchester – Chris:

I attend Hungarian lessons in your school. Kudos to the teachers and the rest of your team!

Westminster – Natasha:

I successfully finished the course of Ukrainian in your school. I can now say you are the best, regarding quality and price!!!

London – Lewis:

I started German language lessons in your school. I have nothing but words of praise for your teachers and class organization.

Liverpool – Sasha:

I finished the course of Norwegian in your school last year. I now recommend you to everyone, since you truly are the best.

York – Mathew:

I recently started learning French in your school, and for now I am so pleased. Just keep up!

London – Billy:

I am almost finished with the Norwegian language course which I need for my job. I am satisfied with the knowledge I gained in your school.

Manchester – Helen:

I just began the course of Norwegian! Your school is the best, and I am extremely happy!!!

Bristol – Derek:

I attend online classes of Greek. You guys are amazing!!

Liverpool – Liz:

I started the course of German with a friend, which we needed for school. We are both doing so much better, and we will continue with the classes in your school!

London – Andrew:

I finished the course of Serbian last year, and I just wanted to say kudos to your school!

Manchester – Brad:

Greetings, Akademija Oxford! I have finished Italian language course in your school, and I am extremely satisfied with what I have learned.

Brighton – Chris:

On a friend’s recommendation I have enrolled my son into the course of German in your school. He knows more with each passing day, and he is extremely happy, as am I. I mention you and recommend you everywhere.

Liverpool – David:

I successfully learned French in your school. Best regards for every one of you!

Alison, Edinburgh:

I only have words of praise for everyone in Akademija Oxford – you are professional and extremely qualified teachers.

Moira, Livingston:

Thanks to Akademija Oxford I have found a job. You are incredible!

John, Cardiff:

I have paid for many courses in search of the perfect vocational training. Akademija Oxford just stands out, without a doubt.

Ben, Brighton:

I urgently needed translation into French. I surfed and found Akademija Oxford online. In just a few hours I received the translation on my e-mail. You are great!

Michelle, Leyton:

I finished the course for auto mechanic, and now I have a job. I just don’t know where I’d be without you, guys. Thank you!

Alison, Bristol:

You have the best bookkeeping course curriculum. I easily finished the three-month course. Kudos!

Dag, Sheffield:

I have been in Serbia several times on business, and I have rarely found such professionalism and good service. I only have words of praise for you.

Amanda - West End, London:

My daughter got her high school medical degree through the part-time classes in Akademija Oxford! I only wanted to wish you the best and thank you!

Elena, Glasgow:

I find it extremely amazing that I can find the translators for any language in one place, without having to walk around from one translator to another.

Sally, Bristol:

I have always wanted to cook professionally, and now I can, thanks to the team of Akademija Oxford.

Serena, Cardiff:

Akademija Oxford was the best thing I found during my stay in Serbia. Thank you, so much.

David, Reading:

I finished the forklift course, and I just wanted to thank the amazing lads of Akademija Oxford.

Liverpool – William:

Unfortunately, even with a college degree I could not find a job. I applied for the vocational course for welding, and started to work in the company where I was an intern.

Bristol – Georgiana:

I finished Bulgarian, and B2 level if German in your foreign languages school. I just want to say: YOU GUYS ARE BRILLIANT!

Bradford – Sam:

I have chosen the online web design course in Akademija Oxford. It has been great and so rewarding, thank you!

Newcastle – Sally:

I have started the course of Serbian from the very beginning, and I have reached the level B2. Since I am extremely pleased with the teacher and the lessons, I plan on continuing further with the courses, until the end.

York – Irene:

I have finished a retraining course in Akademija Oxford, and now I am searching for a better position.

London – George:

Solicitous, quick and kind. I have only but words of praise for you!

Carlisle – Helen:

I was so thrilled when I found out I can learn Norwegian from home, with the online classes organized in your foreign languages school. You can definitely acquire everything just like in a regular group course, and I recommend this course to those of you who lack the free time.

Greenwich – Eva:

I needed a certificate of proficiency in Serbian for my faculty application in Serbia. I was amazed at how quickly you guys finished everything!

West End, London – Jonathan:

I finished the course German level A1, and I immediately enrolled into A2, since you are the best. Keep it up!

Durham – Debby:

I attended preparation course of French, and I now have the DELF diploma. I was quite pleased with my teacher.

Newcastle – Dan:

Online classes are ace, I didn’t leave my house and i acquired excellent knowledge of Spanish.

Brighton – Bill:

I only have to say that these guys are professionals.

Bedford – Jane:

You have always been and will remain true professionals for me.

Lincoln – Janet:

My child is learning French online. I can just say kudos to the teacher, she is quite a professional.

Crawley – Andrew:

My wife, children and I are all learning German, and we are more than pleased with the prices, as well as with the classes.

Birmingham - Josh:

I am just so pleased that wherever I am I can attend your classes – you are everywhere! Kudos!

Carlisle – Jamie:

We hired the interpreter we needed for our wedding, and, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Liverpool – Emily:

I finished online course of Hungarian, level A1. A remarkable experience it has been!

Hastings – Brian:

I finished the course for a cook, with your recommendation for the best restaurant. I learned everything I needed, since you and your associates are number one, without a doubt!

London – Mary:

I attend the course for a beautician, and after I finish I am starting to work in the salon where I am an intern now. Thank you, Akademija Oxford!

Manchester – Matt:

I opened up my own shop after I have finished the course for a tailor in your school. You are the best, guys, just keep going!

Leyton – David:

I can recommend the trainings in Akademija Oxford. Unfortunately, I had to change my occupation, since the regular salary is more important than no salary at all. I now operate the dredge, and have regular income. You guys helped me so much, and trained me well. Thank you.

Leeds – Maya:

Finished the training, and now I have a job in a shoe repair shop with the Diploma of Akademija Oxford. Thank you, guys!

Liverpool – Mark:

In order to keep my job, I had to have ECDL certificate, for which I found the course in Akademija Oxford – available to me even from abroad!

Mansfield – Nick:

Merci, Akademija Oxford. Your intensive course of French was perfect!

Keswick – Craig:

We are so lucky that your Agency is available everywhere. You translate documents the fastest, and the quality is guaranteed.

Lichfield – Bob:

I finished the training for a welder, and taken the exam before the Examination Board of Akademija Oxford and I only have words of praise.

Keighley – Victoria:

I needed Hungarian because of my husband and his family, and I learned it thanks to you!!

Littlehampton – Fred:

I opened up my own massage studio, thanks to your course!

Newcastle – Susie:

If you ever need a course of Norwegian online, just call Akademija Oxford, they have everything you need! Thanks, guys!

Brighton – Austen:

I have finished your course for massages, translated the diploma into English, and now I’m waiting to start a job on a cruiser.

Lancaster – Marge:

I passed the Goethe exam, just to let you now. Tnx, guys!!!

London – Sophie:

I finished a course of Hungarian and vocational training for a PA, and started working. And I am motivated to keep improving – thank you, Akademija Oxford!

Chester – Daniel:

I finished A1 level of Serbian, and now I’ve started A2. I am doing great, you rock!

Gloucester – Lee:

I learned Swedish, and now I am in Sweden, communicating extremely well!

Birmingham – Mitchell:

You make translating documents a piece of cake. Thanks!

Southampton – Piranha:

I took the course of Serbian in Akademija Oxford and I am so pleased with the high-quality classes in you have to offer…

Newcastle – Tiara:

Thanks to you and your associates I have successfully finished a massage course. You are the best!

Sheffield – Joanna:

Kudos for Akademija Oxford and the quickest translation service ever. You are the most affordable and the best!

Durham – Luke:

I finished the vocational training for a cook, and now I have job in a restaurant. I’ve never been happier, thanks, Akademija Oxford!

Truro – Bonnie:

I finished the Cosmetician Course with the help of Akademija Oxford and their associates, who later on hired me. Thank you, you are amazing!

London – Nelly:

I have finished the cosmetician course, I now have my own salon, and I owe it all to you, Akademija Oxford.

Leyton – Angela:

I finished the Web Design Course in your Computer Training School, which I was always keen on. I am glad I found out about Akademija Oxford.

Wakefield – Stefan:

I finished the computer training course, and I only have to say that the team and the teachers are the best!

Leicester – Vera:

I work as a pharmacist, which required computer skills. In Akademija Oxford I attended some of the higher level courses, and now everything is much easier. Thank you, everyone!

Nottingham – Lisa:

I finished a course within your beauty school, went abroad and started my own business. I have you to thank for that, Akademija Oxford!

Leeds – Bill:

Thanks to you, I have a diploma and a qualification, at last. Kudos to Akademija Oxford!

Manchester – Dennis:

I searched for various computer schools, but nowhere did I find the prices you have, which finally enabled me to get promoted. Thank you!

Northwich – Serena:

I needed a translation into Slovenian, and you provided it to me quickly and professionally. Thank you so much!

Hereford – Mick:

You are everywhere, and so easy to find. Thank you, I run my own business now.

Derby – Georgiana:

Thanks to Akademija Oxford I have successfully finished the course for men’s hairdresser, and now I am joining forces with my daughter – we are starting up a men and women’s hairdresser salon.

Newport – Olivia:

I never believed in Skype lessons, but you’ve shown me I was wrong, and now I am simply amazed. You offer high-quality, efficiency and organization – thank you for that.

Ripon – Sally:

I learned Russian online, and now I am quite proficient. Thank you so much!!!

Plymouth – Amelia:

Thanks to my teacher and Akademija Oxford for helping me improve my knowledge and pass the ECDL exams!

Newhaven – Ned:

If anyone needs a translation certified by a court translator, I would recommend Akademija Oxford. I was amazed at their efficiency and speed! Thank you!

Bath – Mark:

I would like to thank the helpful personnel of Akademija Oxford for a quickly organized training and examinations for the construction machinery operator. With you diploma I am an employed man now!!!

Newcastle – Tina:

I attended the manicure course in Akademija Oxford, and I have already bought all the necessary equipment to open up my own salon! Thank you so much, and I would recommend the kind team of Akademija Oxford to anyone!!

Manchester – Kelly:

Thanks to Akademija Oxford I have passed the course for touch typing, and got a job as a court clerk! I cannot thank you enough!

Liverpool – Maria:

Thank you, Akademija Oxford, for I have successfully prepared and passed the Goethe Institute Examination. Thanks, guys, really!

Sheffield – Mike:

I have successfully learned German with your help. Thank you, Akademija Oxford.

Oakham – Dean:

I attended various courses in your school, which finally lead me to the tire fitting course! Now I have my own shop – thanks!

Kingston – Ginny:

I finished a course for Cosmetician in your school and landed a job. I would just like to thank everyone for a great cooperation.

Chester – Luke:

Thank you, Akademija Oxford, for helping me pass the Goethe exam.

Gloucester – Dean:

I was amazed at the respect and dedication the teachers and the team of Akademija Oxford have towards their students and clients!

Newcastle – Chloe:

I would like to thank the amazing team of Akademija Oxford. In the shortest time possible I finished the course for a hospice caregiver for children, and found a job!

Alton – Michael:

I finished the bartender course. Now I work in a hotel and I enjoy every minute of it. Thank you!!

Bristol – Rachel:

I finished the cosmetician course and got a job in a salon where I was on internship. I am so thankful that you exist!

London – Nina:

I am almost done with the course of Serbian, one of the highest quality and at the best prices, I must add. I am coming to Serbia to be with my husband now, and it is all thanks to you!

Fleetwood – John:

I finished the photography course, and soon landed a job thanks to your diploma. Kudos to Akademija Oxford, you are incredible!

Preston – Michelle:

I finished the course for a tailor, and now I work at home, have my own customers, and I am finally happy. Thank you, you are the best!

Southampton – Penny:

I would like to thank my teacher and Akademija Oxford for offering me the chance to improve my knowledge and pass the ECDL exams!

Brighton – Olivia:

I have finished the course for a garment manufacturer with the help of the helpful staff of Akademija Oxford, which landed me a job right away! Thank you so much!!!

Oldham – Ben:

I have successfully finished the elementary level of Greek through individual classes in Akademija Oxford. I only need to say that you are the best!

Preston – Billy:

I have successfully finished the course of Norwegian in Akademija Oxford, went to Norway and found a job! It has been an amazing experience!

Kingston – Rebecca:

Your courses are such an enjoyable experience. I have successfully finished the online course of Dutch in Akademija Oxford, at the most affordable prices! I would recommend you to everyone!

Bristol – Bethany:

Kudos to Akademija Oxford for enabling me to pass the typing course within your Typing School!

Chester – Aaron:

I work in a vehicle administration agency, and until now I have waited days for the documents translation. With you everything is more efficient and affordable! I am so glad you exist!

West End, London – Zoe:

I have attended many language courses at different schools, and nowhere else have I found the professionalism that you possess. I am finally satisfied with my knowledge, which I confirmed by passing the Goethe Institute German language examination.

Liverpool – Mike:

Thanks to you I have finally acquired German grammar properly, and started having better grades. Thank you for making it possible!

Richmond – Rose:

It is unbelievable that there are still people so dedicated and devoted to their students and to ensuring they learn properly. I have only the best compliments for the teachers at Akademija Oxford.

Leeds – Bob:

I must thank Akademija Oxford, since with the training and knowledge you provided me with I am now ready to open up my own mechanic shop.

Gloucester – Ethan:

Thanks to the excellent teachers at Akademija Oxford, I have successfully finished the Java Programming Language Course. My compliments to all of you!

Brighton – Natalie:

I would like to thank Akademija Oxford for such a successful typing course. You guys are incredible, thank you so much!

Lincoln – Andrew:

With your vocational training and diploma for a welder, I have finally landed a job! Thank you; you are the best school for welding and welders! Truly the best!!!

Carlisle – Diana:

I take classes of Italian. I am so happy that I can adapt the class periods to my own free time, and still have time for everything else!

Southampton – Monica:

I finished the course of Arabic in your school! My compliments!

London – Cameron:

I just wanted to say: THANK YOU!

Glasgow – Elisabeth:

I have your certificate and my own salon!

Manchester – Nickolas:

Professionalism, punctuality and cordiality – one of the rare things, which I always find in Akademija Oxford when I’m in Serbia!

Chester – Eleanor:

My job is nail extension - thanks to your certificate. Thank you for everything!

London – James:

When I was in Serbia, not only did I get the best translation of my documents in Akademija Oxford, but your cordial personnel also directed me to where I should go next with my paperwork. My compliments to Akademija Oxford!

Newcastle – Daisy:

I have finished the course of French online, and I must say my teacher was the best – a true professional. Thank you, Akademija Oxford!

West End, London – Bradley:

Kudos to you and all of your teachers. I attend both German and French language courses in your school, and I can only confirm that you are the best!

Southampton – Robert:

I have finished the fork lifting course in your school. You guys are the best!

Leyton – Caroline:

Thanks to your certificate I have opened up my own salon for nail extension, and I have plenty of work and satisfied clients. Thank you for making it possible!

Durham – Patrick:

Thanks to you and the vocational training I have found a job!

Lincoln – Becca:

My translation was done in no time. Thank you so much, you are the best!

Birmingham – Danielle:

I have passed your online courses of German, and then I passed the Goethe Institute Exams for level A2. Thank you!!!

Preston – Kelly:

Your school of computers has enabled me to pass the four modules of ECDL exams, which my company demanded in order to give me full-time job. You are definitely professionals!

Plymouth – Sasha:

I have passed the bookkeeping course in your School – I have never seen such a kind and at the same time professional team. You are great!

Portsmouth – Emma:

I am attending an online course at your school. Well, I cannot wait to see you abroad, which I believe will be soon, since you are true professionals!

Winchester – Dory:

I have finished your course of typing, and landed a job. I am so happy now, and I send many kisses to all of you!

Westminster – Lilly:

I took me a little time to acquire French in order to get my visit paperwork. You have been so helpful and supportive, both the staff and my amazing teacher!

London – Edward:

There is a chance for us retired to learn as well. So, I have decided to learn how to use a computer with the most patient teacher in Akademija Oxford.

Leicester – Mark:

I have finished your course for a steel fixer. Thank you, you guys are amazing.

Manchester – Paul:

Online course of German in your school was a piece of cake. Thank you and my compliments to the school!

Westminster – Lilly:

Massage training was amazing, I finished it at your school, and I only have compliments for your professionalism.

Newport – Samuel:

Kudos to you and all of your teachers!

London – Sean:

Efficient and exact translations. Well done, guys, and thank you so much!

Reading – Jason:

Hungarian language online – thank you, and keep it up!

Hereford – Melanie:

I am now employed in a hotel thanks to your receptionist course. Kisses!

Lincoln – Ashley:

It is a rare treat to work with such patient and kind people as those in Akademija Oxford. My compliments!

York – Goldie:

Just continue with your work, your reputation precedes you!